Partially faceted Natural red Garnet Gemstone Multi stone ring Recycled 14k Gold One of a kind Gemstone ring 1314

$ 1,695.00

My husband faceted this and I hand carved the ring in wax first then cast it in recycled 14k solid gold at my home studio. I created a very organic rustic look. This ring is a size 7 it can be sized. The natural garnet gemstone is about 8mm X 6mm. The side diamonds are about 3mm.

Throughout all time and history, in every tribe and culture all around the world crystals, minerals and gemstones have used for healing, luck, divination, adornment vibrational medicine and so much more. Garnet is the birthstone for January. It brings grounding and good health. It helps the blood and strengthens the heart. It brings healing to and activates the sacral chakra. Brings passion and heals sexual trauma. Diamond is the hardest of substances. Diamonds have been treasured by Kings and Queens throughout time. Diamonds enhance the connection to the divine, Inner vision and intuition. Helps transform negative into positive. A symbol of wealth it brings abundance and helps with manifestation.

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