Fancy cut Salt and pepper Diamond Wedding Band 18k Gold Diamond Wedding Ring byAngeline 2608

$ 5,195.00

Fancy cut salt and pepper Diamond Wedding Band Gold Wedding Ring. A one of a kind wedding band. I hand carve these bands in wax and cast the diamonds in place. Each is one of a kind with about 4.5x5mm and 4x4.5mm diamonds (2.64 total carat wt) coming up out of the gold. This band is about 3mm wide. The band is sized at 7 and can be resized with purchase.

Throughout all of time and history in every tribe and culture all around the world crystals, minerals and gemstones have been used for healing, luck, divination, adornment vibrational medicine and so much more. Diamonds have been given as a sign of love strength and devotion. Diamond is the hardest of substances. Diamonds have been treasured by Kings and Queens throughout time. Diamonds enhance the connection to the divine, Inner vision, and intuition. Helps transform negative to positive. A symbol of wealth it brings abundance and helps with manifestation.

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