Partially faceted Tanzanite Crystal Solitaire 18k recycled yellow Gold Ring Rough Gemstone Tanzanite stacking cocktail statement byAngeline 1039

$ 1,395.00

My husband faceted this stone and I created this setting in wax then cast it in recycled solid 18k yellow gold at my home studio. This extremely beautiful partially faceted (by my husband) tanzanite crystal ring is a size 7 it can be resized.The tanzanite crystal measures about 6.5mm X 5.5mm I created a rustic texture in the gold.

Throughout all time and history, in every tribe and culture all around the world crystals, minerals and gemstones have used for healing, luck, divination, adornment vibration medicine and so much more. Tanzanite helps relieve stress is calming and wonderful for meditation. It enhances psychic awareness and opens the third eye.

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