Fancy cut salt and pepper Diamond Solitaire Engagement 14k yellow Gold Wedding Ring Diamond Ring byAngeline 2610

$ 2,595.00

wedding bands shown for reference only and sold separately.

"Salt and Pepper" Diamond Engagement Ring 14k yellow Gold Wedding Ring Stacking Ring byAngeline

Conflict-Free Diamonds As Individual as You are!

This ring is available here this one is a size 7 and it can be resized up or down for you as needed. I created a rustic texture in the solid 14k yellow gold. The center stone measures about 7.5mm X 7mm (1.11).

Throughout all time and history, in every tribe and culture all around the world crystals, minerals and gemstones have been used for healing, luck, divination, adornment vibrational medicine and so much more. Diamonds have been given as a sign of love strength and devotion. Diamond is the hardest of substances. Diamonds have been treasured by Kings and Queens throughout time. Diamonds enhance the connection to the divine, Inner vision, and intuition. Helps transform negative to positive. A symbol of wealth it brings abundance and helps with manifestation.

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